Turbo Solutions has extensive experience in many aspects of automotive propulsion systems engineering. We have developed our own in-house engine cycle analysis software using Matlab-Simulink that can be used to model turbocharged gasoline and diesel cycle engines. We have designed, built, and tested a large number of clean-sheet single and multi-stage turbochargers for everything from small passenger cars to large on-highway trucks. In addition, we have designed compressors, turbines, bearing housings, and wastegate systems for existing turbochargers. Our compressors and turbines are used in many mass-produced passenger cars and trucks, as well as in specialty engines for drag racing, sports car racing, and truck/tractor pulling. Turbo Solutions has also worked on a number of gas turbine (Brayton) cycle powerplants for on-highway trucks and industrial equipment. We understand the importance of continual innovation in the automobile industry, and can deliver efficient solutions from concept to manufacturing.