Process and Petrochemical

Turbo Solutions works on a wide variety of process and petrochemical projects. Our experience ranges from comprehensive design reviews of engineering design and analysis completed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to rerates of existing machines to change the flow and pressure and increase efficiency, to clean-sheet designs of entire machines (including complete mechanical design) for OEMs and plant operators. We have reviewed proposed machinery for complex petrochemical plants to determine if the selected turbomachinery will meet the performance goals of the installation. We have rerated multistage refrigeration compressors, multistage integrally-geared air compressors, single- and multistage expanders, and multistage hydrogen, methane, nitrogen (and other gases) compressors, providing solid models and manufacturing drawings for all redesigned components, and, in many cases, hardware as well. Turbo Solutions engineers have also completed clean-sheet designs of entire multistage machines, including mechanical design, aerodynamic design and analysis, structural analysis, and fully dimensioned and toleranced mechanical drawings for every component in the machine.