Power Generation

Turbo Solutions’ engineers have more than 25 years of experience in both renewable energy and traditional fossil fuel power generation. We focus on using advanced technology to deliver safe, cost-efficient, and dependable power solutions to clients around the world. Our recent work in renewable energy  includes the clean-sheet design, fabrication, and laboratory testing of a hydrokinetic turbine, the design and test of a Francis turbine, the aerodynamic design and analysis of a novel horizontal axis wind turbine, the design of turbomachinery components for a wave energy machine, and the mechanical design, fabrication, and installation of a 6 kW wind turbine. We have also completed detailed cycle analyses and designed power turbines for a number of organic Rankine cycle machines that generate electric power by harnessing energy from waste heat. In the fossil fuel area, Turbo Solutions has been involved in the design of compressors and turbines for a number of gas turbine engines, as well as turbocharger designs for large stationary natural gas and diesel engines. We have also completed steam turbine designs — both clean-sheet and rerates of existing machines — for electric power generation.