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Turbo Solutions cofounders Chip Hobson and Nick D’Orsi will be attending SciTech 2015, the annual international convention of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics focused on aerospace research and technology, from January 5 to 9 in Kissimmee, FL. We hope to see you there.

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Turbo Solutions has extensive experience in many aspects of automotive propulsion systems engineering. We have developed our own in-house engine cycle analysis software using Matlab-Simulink that can be used to model turbocharged gasoline and diesel cycle engines. We have designed, built, and tested a large number of clean-sheet single and multi-stage turbochargers for everything from small passenger cars to large on-highway trucks. In addition, we have designed compressors, turbines, bearing housings, and wastegate systems for existing turbochargers. Our compressors and turbines are used in many mass-produced passenger cars and trucks, as well as in specialty engines for drag racing, sports car racing, and truck/tractor pulling. Turbo Solutions has also worked on a number of gas turbine (Brayton) cycle powerplants for on-highway trucks and industrial equipment. We understand the importance of continual innovation in the automobile industry, and can deliver efficient solutions from concept to manufacturing.

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Turbo Solutions engineers have been designing and analyzing aircraft propulsion systems since 1988. Recent projects have included turbocompression systems for medium- and high-altitude unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), aerodynamic design and analysis of compressors and turbines for an air turbo-rocket (ATR), comprehensive thermal analysis of a small jet engine, and cycle design and analysis for turbocharged diesel aircraft propulsion systems. Past programs include the development of an integrated health management system for rocket turbopumps, the design of a high specific speed inducer for a liquid oxygen (LOX) turbopump, and the design of LOX and methane turbopumps for a medium-thrust expander cycle rocket engine. Turbo Solutions can either start with initial specifications to produce a clean-sheet propulsion system design all the way through prototype manufacturing and testing, or we can analyze and then redesign an existing machine, providing improved performance, reduced cost, and extended component and system life. Our decades of experience in the design, analysis, fabrication, and testing of aerospace propulsion systems enables us to deliver systems or components that meet your performance, life, and cost demands.

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Turbo Solutions engineers have been developing and enhancing mechanical ventilators, heart pumps, and artificial lungs since 1992 for healthcare organizations and medical device manufacturers throughout the country. From initial concept through approved product, we can identify challenges and provide solutions for a safe, high-quality result.

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Power Generation

Turbo Solutions’ engineers have more than 25 years of experience in both renewable energy and traditional fossil fuel power generation. We focus on using advanced technology to deliver safe, cost-efficient, and dependable power solutions to clients around the world. Our recent work in renewable energy  includes the clean-sheet design, fabrication, and laboratory testing of a hydrokinetic turbine, the design and test of a Francis turbine, the aerodynamic design and analysis of a novel horizontal axis wind turbine, the design of turbomachinery components for a wave energy machine, and the mechanical design, fabrication, and installation of a 6 kW wind turbine. We have also completed detailed cycle analyses and designed power turbines for a number of organic Rankine cycle machines that generate electric power by harnessing energy from waste heat. In the fossil fuel area, Turbo Solutions has been involved in the design of compressors and turbines for a number of gas turbine engines, as well as turbocharger designs for large stationary natural gas and diesel engines. We have also completed steam turbine designs — both clean-sheet and rerates of existing machines — for electric power generation.

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Process and Petrochemical

Turbo Solutions works on a wide variety of process and petrochemical projects. Our experience ranges from comprehensive design reviews of engineering design and analysis completed by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), to rerates of existing machines to change the flow and pressure and increase efficiency, to clean-sheet designs of entire machines (including complete mechanical design) for OEMs and plant operators. We have reviewed proposed machinery for complex petrochemical plants to determine if the selected turbomachinery will meet the performance goals of the installation. We have rerated multistage refrigeration compressors, multistage integrally-geared air compressors, single- and multistage expanders, and multistage hydrogen, methane, nitrogen (and other gases) compressors, providing solid models and manufacturing drawings for all redesigned components, and, in many cases, hardware as well. Turbo Solutions engineers have also completed clean-sheet designs of entire multistage machines, including mechanical design, aerodynamic design and analysis, structural analysis, and fully dimensioned and toleranced mechanical drawings for every component in the machine.

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Turbo Solutions Turbo Chargers Tested in Phantom Eye Flights

A high-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle, Boeing’s Phantom Eye, has successfully completed two test flights, reports The UAV will perform intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance missions for the United States. It is the first fixed-wing UAV to utilize a liquid hydrogen fuel system.

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