Ducted Wind Turbine

Turbo Solutions completed the fabrication, assembly, and test of a 6 kW ducted wind turbine on a remote site in the Northeast United States. The project challenges were a very aggressive schedule, a lack of electric power infrastructure at the installation site, and the coordination and management of a diverse team of professionals from across the Northeast. Our scope of work consisted of permitting, site design, foundation and tower design, all site work, turbine detailed design, fabrication, shop assembly, rigging and installation, wiring and control system, start-up and commissioning, functional testing, and field testing/data collection. This ducted turbine was fabricated almost entirely out of composites, and was mounted on the top of an instrumented tower that allowed the turbine to rotate in any direction to take advantage of the prevailing winds. This year-long project was completed on schedule and on budget, and was then operated nearly continuously for more than a year to collect data in all weather conditions.