Hydrokinetic Turbine Design

Exploded View of Kinetic Energy Hydro Turbine Generator

Designed a hydrokinetic water turbine for power generation. Turbo Solutions completed the hydrodynamic design and CFD analysis of the casing, rotor, and stator, and structural design and analysis of the rotating and stationary components. We then coordinated with a generator design group to mate up a clean-sheet design axial field generator and with a rotordynamicist for bearing design and undamped/damped rotor analysis. This run-of-the-river turbine was designed and analyzed at full scale, laboratory tested at part scale, and then installed in the streambed at full scale for long-term testing. The turbine met all design goals during part-scale testing, and is performing well during the long-term testing that is ongoing in a number of rivers throughout the country.

100_6171 Blades 004 Rendering of Assembly