High-Efficiency Turbocharger Design

Turbo Solutions completed the clean-sheet design of a high-efficiency automotive turbocharger compressor and turbine. The customer had a unique application that allowed the use of lower specific speed turbomachinery than typically considered in the automotive industry. As most automotive turbochargers operate at specific speeds in excess of those for optimum performance, the overall goal of this program was to take advantage of this more optimum specific speed and deliver a design with a combination of a very wide flow range, high peak efficiency, and only a small drop in efficiency across the entire map (wide efficiency islands). Turbo Solutions completed the aerodynamic design of the compressor and turbine, making extensive use of full 360-degree CFD analysis to optimize the complete stages. We also generated solid models of all compressor and turbine components and overall assemblies, and ran finite element structural analysis of the compressor and turbine wheels and housings. This finite element analysis included pressure, thermal, and centrifugal loads and involved steady stresses and deflections and the evaluation of natural frequencies. We also performed the low-cycle fatigue life analysis of both wheels, as well as a creep life assessment for the turbine wheel. Aerodynamic and structural testing of the compressor and turbine were completed by the client, and the designs met all program goals.