Water Vapor Compression Distillation Machine: Engineering Evaluations

Safe Water Network is a not-for-profit organization established to develop, optimize, and validate viable water purification solutions that provide safe water to neglected populations — a critical issue affecting more than 1 billion people worldwide. In an effort to assess potential investments, Safe Water Network hired Turbo Solutions to provide recommendations and third-party engineering evaluations of various emerging technologies related to water purification systems. Our project scope included the evaluation of various options to bring clean drinking water to developing parts of the world, system and component modeling of various water filtration systems, and overall program tracking for a third party’s ongoing water vapor compression distillation machine. Turbo Solutions met with various vendors of water filtration systems and components and evaluated their technologies to determine viability, recommended a number of promising technologies that should be funded/developed, and participated in board meetings to report progress and assist in decision making regarding ongoing projects being funded or considered for funding by Safe Water Network.